Party Vision

 Veterans Coalition Party of Canada Party Platform

1. CPP will no longer be taxed as income: The optional age to begin receiving the CPP will be lowered to the age of 55. Old Age security plan will be modernized and qualifying amounts will be adjusted for inflation. 

2. Repeal the United Nations Immigrant Compact immediately upon election.

3. We will develop a plan with full consultation forming an Alliance with First Nations: Will correct education discrepancies and languages. Provide clean drinking water on all First Nations Reserves and Territory’s. We will recognize, honor, and respect all treaties so we can all move forward together. 

4. Meet our nation’s commitment to its NATO Allies: We will ensure the Canadian Forces are provided with the necessary funding, equipment and training to fulfill its roles.

5. Support our country’s exports to world markets: We will ensure Canadian exports can reach foreign markets, supporting the building of Canadian infrastructure that meets Canada’s national interests. 

6. Setting conditions for Canadian economic growth: Work with Canadian businesses’ to expand their market share in the global market. Opening new markets to Canadian Business through solid negotiations skills and building trust with other nations. 

7. Give Canada a balanced budget: Will cut wasteful government spending, and reduce operating budgets of federal agencies. 

8. Give Canada a viable plan to repay our current national debt: We will not create new taxes. 

9. The VCP will reduce overall taxes on all Canadians: Our initial steps will be starting with a reduction of GST by 1.25% per year until it is eliminated. We will study further reductions once elected starting with elimination of loop holes allowing tax avoidance. This first revenue tax reduction will be to the lowest tax rate gradually lowering it to 15%. We will be reducing government operations budgets by 10% focusing on overspending, extravagant purchases, and unnecessary expenditures. We will also freeze hiring of additional civil servants. The spending will be limited to 95% of budget for all departments. Other cost savings will come from controlling economic immigration numbers and ensuring that the immigrants received will be self-sufficient and not dependant on receiving taxpayer’s funds to settle in Canada. All surpluses realized will be used to pay down the national debt. 

10. We will reinstate: Post-Secondary Tax Credits on textbooks and the Education Tax Credit 

11. Reduce the pay of all Members of Parliament by 20% immediately upon election: This will be a saving of approximately 11,870,560 dollars per House of Commons session. 

12. Will strengthen employees’ rights in the workplace: This will also include strengthening rules on the use of back to work legislation in favor of employees.

13. We will remove the bridged calculation from retired military and RCMP member’s pensions.

14. Review Canada’s refugee policies: We will implement changes as required. Enforce Canada’s existing laws for illegal immigration and deportation. 

15. We will respect Canadian owners of firearms: We will recognize that there is no need to impose more restrictions on legal and law-abiding firearms owners in Canada. 

16. We will repeal the carbon tax: These taxes are not designed to correct the devastating effects of man-made carbon emissions. We understand that man-made emissions need to be curtailed we will use present technology to remove carbon produced during refining before transport to market and thus eliminating a large portion of CO2 during preparation for delivery. In our plan we will commit to reductions of 40 percent below 2015 levels by 2030 and are calling for an 80 percent reduction by 2050. We will be mandating fossil fuel producers to develop new cleaner energy options and increasing emission control requirements leading to lower emission from vehicles. 

17. Review/repeal Canada’s donations and contributions to the United Nations and other Nations. 

18. Repair the current New Veterans Charter: We will return benefits for those who have defended our country and reinforce the sacred obligation. 

19. Will review and repair every law that the past Liberal government has weakened. 

20. 2 Year moratorium on immigration: We will revamp the immigration process with the intent of returning it to supporting the economy: After repairing the immigration process we will return to a stepped immigration process over the next four years. 

21. The Veterans Coalition Party of Canada will reinstate the Navigable Waters Protection Act (NWPA) that was replaced by the Conservatives in 2014 with the Navigation Protection Act (NPA). The NPA destroyed the protection of 99% of Canada’s waterways.